IIGA Foundation

IIGA Foundation is our flagship division of IIG academy that nurture the aspirations of junior class students for various competitive exams and prepare them simultaneously for school/board examinations. IIGA Foundation aims to prepare students by laying a strong groundwork for medical, engineering and other competitive examinations in advance right from early stage of Class VI. We zoom in on delivering quality coaching with tests and follow up mentoring/counseling sessions to support & benefit every student enrolling in our academy to inspire confidence to face the competition and excel.

IIGA Foundation Programmes

IIGA foundation offers following programs.

  • IIGA Excel Foundation(JEE/NEET/School/Olympiad) for class VI to class VIII
  • IIGA Apex Foundation(JEE/NEET/School/Olympiad) for class IX and class X
  • IIGA Elite Foundation(School/SAT/ACT) for class VI to class X
  • IIGA NTSE Foundation(School/NTSE stage-1 & stage-2) for Class X
  • IIGA IB Foundation for Class VI to class X
  • IIGA IGCSE Foundation for Class VI to class X
  • IIGA AP Foundation(School/AP) for Class IX & X
  • IIGA English Foundation(TOEFL/IELTS exclusive) for class VIII to class X
  • IIGA Techie Foundation(Computing & Robotics) for class VI to class X
  • IIGA Innovator Foundation(Makerspace & Fablab) for class VI to class X

MODE OF STUDY: Residential and Day Scholars (after school hours)

Foundation Program Focus & Objectives

  • These programs comprehensively prepare the students for school and all scholastic & competitive exams
  • It lay a strong foundation for higher-level scholastic & competitive exams like NEET, JEE, SAT, ACT, NTSE, TOEFL, NSEJS / IJSO etc by sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve students thinking process making them capable of solving complex problems.
  • Mental ability is exhaustively taken up from early stage
  • This program helps the student in imbibing the fundamental of subjects and development of personality. The program ‘Critical thinking’ is specifically designed for overall logical thinking, IQ and scientific aptitude that will be useful throughout life and this program introduces the basic academic structure required to excel in competitive exams.
  • Supporting Pillar To The End - Full-fledged guidance for the aspiring students from the preparation through the application process to their appearance in the final examination. We counsel the students if the need is and motivate them to fulfill their ambitions and reach their desired goals.
  • Tips & Tricks - We provide the students with the knowledge from the industry experts to tackle any challenge and prepare them with solid and useful tips to clear the competitive exams.
  • Our programs empower students to develop their own Time Management strategy.

Need For Early Start

Benefits of joining foundation courses and early start:

  • Gives you more time to adapt to the quantum jump in level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation over a longer spread academic plan
  • Early starters will always have more time before the actual School & Competitive / Scholastic Exams as their course curriculum will finish much before the batches starting later
  • More time to consolidate on one’s performance and for self-revision, polishing of examination temperament & removal of last moment doubts. This is very vital to help a student achieve a quantum jump in the performance in Competitive / Scholastic Examination

As serious aspirants never would like to wait, the competence of the batch starting early would be very high as the brightest/serious of the lot will join at this stage thus giving you that better competition you always wanted.

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